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In 2012, DESIS——The Network on Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability joined Tongji University, Tsinghua University, Hunan University, Jiangnan University, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Hong Kong Polytechnic University to promote the “Innovation Community” in China. To create an innovative community that combines different industries and interdisciplinary cooperation, in order to promote a more sustainable development model through cooperation and interaction with DESIS-locals throughout society. At that time, an important project of DESIS-China was the DESIGN Harvests “Sustainable Community Project” held in Chongming Xianqiao Village – a project focused on the Chongming rural community in Shanghai through design strategy research.

We found a lot of idle space in Xianqiao Village. We started a two-week renovation of one of the idle spaces with international professors and university students. It is also the origin of our later “Tian Geng”. So far, we have successfully transformed three idle spaces and used them as important spaces to welcome everyone to DESIGN Harvests.

Tian Geng

The romance of the countryside is a piece of field.

The "Tian Geng" was transformed from a single-storey bungalow in an ordinary residential area in the Chongming countryside. The east side of the house is the local temple Zhenhai Temple. There are 5 rooms in total, and the cabins are refined and simple after the designer's renovation.

The overall decoration color of the room is very close to nature, such as the gray close to the earth color, you can think of the sky blue of good weather at a glance. There is also a cotton white gauze that instantly satisfies the romance of the girl's heart.

He Jing

Dream of Peach Blossoms, composites of wells and acre.

Designed by three professional female designers, “He Jing” retains the original construction process while retaining the old house. There is a vegetable garden and music, as well as a healthy and natural life in the dreams of urbanites. Comfort is not as good as high-tech homes, but it is hoped to retain this philosophical tradition of traditional crafts in more and more reinforced concrete forests.

For example, we will install a frosted glass door in the bathroom. When you take a shower, you will see a green paddy field in front of you, or in the fall, watch the golden wheat waves coming to you. Of course, you can also open the door directly, smell the rice scent bath, let the wind of the country blow on the face.

Hua Mi

The flowers are easy to find, the friends are hard.

Every room in “Hua Mi” has its own aroma. After being redesigned by a team of professional designers, the cottage is exquisite and simple, with a rustic charm and a comfortable modern life. The first floor of the house is a public space with a spacious living room, dining room and modern kitchen, as well as table football and a comfortable sun cloister.

There is also a sunny reading corner in the middle and third half of the house. There is a comfortable sofa for people. This is a place to read without disturbing people. The book and time are yours.


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