Since DESIGN Harvests's project launched in Chongming in 2007, the first five years have been carried out in the academic research. Under the auspices of Professor LOU Yongqi, Dean of the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, various academic activities were organized to study the rural problems in China, and to find out the solutions and simulation practices for both cities and countryside. He has made great contributions to academic developments such as rural development issues and sustainable environments in China, and published DESIGN Harvests's own publication, DESIGN HARVESTS, an acupunctural design approach towards sustainability.


The workshop is an important way to pay attention to and explore rural issues and opportunities. We organized top academic leaders from all over the world, organized international students to come to Xianqiao Village, Chongming, to discuss and study the problems of the village.


Since 2007, enormous academic research has been accomplished in the background of DESIGN Harvests, and quite a certain number of them has been put into real projects after these years. And also, DESIGN Harvests has been one of the DESIS( Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) projects that lasted from the beginning.


DEISGN Harvests's academic research and practical explorations that have been exhibited in major exhibitions across CHINA and abroad.