2018: Renaissance and Innovation of Traditional Craftsmanship

The DESIGN Harvests “Flow/Flux” Artist Residency Program 2018 is officially launched. This project is jointly initiated by DESIGN Harvests and Shanghai International Cultural Association. It hopes to provide more pluralistic creation and research conditions for the most creative artists of this era. It also hopes to build a new relationship between the artists and the place of residence, which is a real, more effective intervention and communication mechanism. With the power of art, it brings more vitality and possibilities to the culture, history and ecological construction of the place of residence.
Traditional handicrafts are the cultural pulse and spiritual carrier of local culture, nevertheless, they are gradually fading out of people's vision or disappearing forever. The 2018 “Flow/Flux” program hopes to attract more attention to traditional crafts through the interaction between contemporary artists and traditional craftsmen, to tap the spiritual nourishment in traditional handicrafts, and to demonstrate the continuation and innovation of traditional cultural concepts. The crafts will include: Chongming tubu, bamboo, brown, straw. 

We hope the participants can reflect on and present the ambiguity of “flow” and “flux” in the process of creation, and to discuss the following related topics:
1. Everyday Changing
2. Boundary and Transboundary
3. Divergence and Convergence
4. Mobility and Movement
5. Continuity and Discontinuity
6. Social Currents and Individual Fate



1. Recruitment targets
Artists under the age of 40, no limit to nationality.

2. Number of recruits
3-6 people.

3. Type of work
Painting, sculpture, video, experimental art, etc.

4. Residency venue
Xianqiaozhong Road, Shuxin Town, Chongming Island, Shanghai.

5. Residence time
September 2018 - October 2018

6. 30 days time selected
The successive 30 days of residency between September and October is determined by artists.

7. 30 days of residency creation
The residency includes field surveys, creation, and proofing of works. (The copyright of the work is owned by the creator).

8. Requirements for the work
At least one local public art or design work will be provided without compensation. A small work between 15 cubic centimeter and 1 cubic meter will be provided to attend the exhibition which will be held at the venues selected by organizer. (The copyright of the work is owned by the creator).

What we will offer

1. Catering and accommodation during the residency.

2. Subsidy for the artist's round-trip transportation from the place
of departure to Shanghai.

3. Continuous record and media promotion throughout the process.

4. Organize 2-3 times communication between traditional craftsmen
and artists.

5. Exhibition and publication will be held after the residency program.

6. Each artist receives a subsidy of 3,000 yuan, which includes living
expenses and creation expenses during the 30 days period, as well
as the costs of final production.

7. Artists can also attend the residency project held by the
Innovation Workshop of the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji
University. The project leader is Prof. ZHOU Hongtao and
independent artist Petra Johnson from College of Design and
Innovation, Tongji University. DESIGN Harvests does not cover the
expenses and responsibilities of the project, and the Innovation
Workshop reserves the final interpretation of the project.

8. DESIGN Harvests reserves the right of final interpretation.

Jion us

You are more than welcome to join the DESIGN Harvests 2018 Artist Residency Program, please submit the application as required:
A plan for your residency
It reflects the art forms involved in your creation (such as painting, sculpture, installation, video, sound, design, etc.); the goal and the timetable of completion; what you have already done for the plan; and why the residency creation is important or necessary for the plan.
◆ Resume
It includes personal basic information, education, experiences of exhibitions, awards, publications, and important reports about you.
A portfolio (less than 10MB)
A personal statement (optional)
Please email the above materials to art@dharvests.com (if the attachment is too large, you can attach the download link). The deadline of application is August 20, 2018. The release of final artist list is August 31, 2018. We will not accept incomplete application materials. Once submitted, all materials will be archived as internal materials and will not be returned. For more details, please contact us at art@dharvests.com.